Working Out at Home vs. Working Out at the Gym

The benefits of exercising are clear: It helps you from getting sick, it releases endorphins that make you feel happier, and it gives you the feeling of accomplishment that can help jumpstart a productive day. Just a few minutes of working out can get you all these benefits, and more! Here’s what to expect when you work out at home or at the gym.

Working out at home


You can squeeze in a workout at any time. The biggest excuse of anyone who finds it difficult to work out is not having the time to do it. But when you work out at home, you can squeeze it in between waiting for breakfast to get ready, or those five minutes before you take a bath.

You have control on what your workout will be. We’re lucky to live in a day and age where workout videos are uploaded on YouTube, there are tons of websites that you can visit for classes, and we have apps on our smartphones that work as a personal trainer.

It’s cheaper than heading to the gym. On top of the membership fee or class fee, you might feel the need to buy new workout clothes, spend money on gas or on your commute to get to the gym, and if the gym is located inside a mall, you might end up buying unnecessary things, or eating out. There’s less temptation to buy anything if you just stay at home.


You’re not sure about your progress. Basically, the only ways you get to know if you’re improving is if you’re looking better in the mirror, if you feel fitter (like you can lift things that you couldn’t before, or go up a flight of stairs without having to catch your breath), and what the apps say about how many calories you supposedly lost during your workout.

You don’t have accountability. There will be days when you won’t or can’t work out, and the only thing that will push you to work out is—well, yourself. There’s no thought of your membership fee going to waste to get you into your gym clothes, or friends to see and support you when you’re in the gym.

Your time to work out will keep on changing. Unlike fitness classes where there’s always a set time, finding the perfect chunk of time to do your own workout will take some adjusting. Or worse, you might keep on putting it off, thinking that you’ll make time for it when your schedule frees up—which might not happen.

Working Out in the Gym


You get guidance from experts. Personal trainers studied and trained to be able to give you the exercise routines; nutrition plans and monitor your progression so that you can reach your goals. They also hold you accountable for what you do when you’re not in the gym, meaning what you eat and what exercises you do when you’re out of their sight. 

You get access to exercise equipment. Treadmills, bench presses and other pieces of exercise are expensive and take up a lot of space. It’s also a huge investment to get your own, unless you use it everyday. Paying a monthly membership fee of P2,000 sounds so much cheaper than buying a piece of exercise equipment worth P100,000.

You break the routine. Getting out of the house for some me time when you’re a mom is almost like a vacation! Taking a break to the gym means a change of scenery that you deserve. You’re also taking care of yourself, so that you can take care of your family better.


It costs money. A gym membership is around P1,000 a month at the very least, which can easily add up to the big amount of P12,000 if you join them for a year. P12,000 out of your family budget might seem too frivolous, especially if you’re looking for ways to save more money.

It will take time away from your other responsibilities. If your plate is already overflowing with taking care of your family, pressure at work, and other responsibilities, sneaking in an hour of exercise will be a challenge.

You’ll do work outs because your trainer said so. Your motivation to do exercises that you won’t normally do will come from hoping that you’ll reach your goal, maybe not because you find it particularly fun to do.