Travel Without Breaking the Bank – or your Marriage!

The perfect couple getaway is just 7 steps away.

You’ve promised the world to each other, and now it’s time to deliver!

Traveling as a couple is a great way to build new memories together. But unforeseen costs and circumstances can land the both of you in some pretty high stress situations.

Here are a few tips to help ease the turbulence on your next trip.

#1: Decide on a budget.
Don’t let arguments over money spoil the view. Long before your trip begins, discuss how much you’re each willing to spend. Are there any small lifestyle changes you can make each day – such as carpool or packed lunches – that will help you save that amount?

#2: Know your priorities.
After deciding how much you’re willing to spend, share what you’d each like to spend on. Do you want plush accommodations? Or would you rather spend on experiences? Maybe it’s food that’s worth a splurge. Know what’s at the top of each other’s list so you can plan accordingly.

#3: Choose a place the both of you will enjoy.
Talk about what each of you want from your vacation. Maybe one of you likes to chill and relax, while the other prefers to chase after adventure. Be willing to compromise and look for a destination that can keep the both of you happy.

#4: Book early.
“Promo Fare” is every budget traveler’s magic phrase. Sign up to every airline newsletter you want to keep an eye on. Check their website regularly for flash sales. Book transport and accommodations months in advance so you can enjoy the best discounts.

#5: Do your research.
Think you found the best deal already? Open another website and compare the prices! Read the fine print so you know what’s being offered. An option that seems more expensive at first may turn out to be the better choice if it offers more value (e.g. comes with free breakfast, closer to transport, etc.).

#6: Prep for wellness.
All that planning will come to nothing if during the trip, you’re going to end up sick or too exhausted to roam around. Months before you leave, start to take small steps to wellness (aka #Wellnessize) so your body gets primed for the physical challenges of traveling.  Insert some cardio exercises in your week, sample a variety of food choices and get enough sleep.

#7: Be open-minded.
Even if it took months of careful planning, during the trip itself, it’s important to stay flexible. There’s no guaranteeing what will happen – and that’s part of the adventure! Even if you get lost or the hotel you booked didn’t turn out so great, look for the silver lining in every situation and try to have fun anyway. Just remember, you’re with the person you love the most. Who could ask for anything more?