Tasty and healthy food for your family Noche Buena

New recipes that you can prepare for your family during the holiday season

Thinking of what to prepare for the holiday season?

We’ve prepared three easy healthy and tasty recipes to help you plan for your Noche Buena. Our resident chef likes using healthier ingredients to help #WELLNESSIZE our dishes. To #WELLNESSIZE involves opting to use healthier options as part of your journey to improve wellness. 

Why don’t you give these recipes a try and put a twist to your usual Noche Buena spread?  Everyone is sure to love them!

Easy Lasagna
With all the gatherings and last minute preparations for Christmas, we all need that bit of extra energy to enjoy our well awaited Noche Buena. Load up on food rich in carbohydrates like this lasagna recipe.

Chicken Roll
Swap your main meat for a healthier alternative—chicken! This keeps people full without making them feel bloated. Chicken is also lower in fat, making it a good option in this season of feasts.

Steam Rellenong Bangus Belly
Some fatty acids found in fish helps regulate our cholesterol level. While other cooking methods often break these acids apart, steaming actually keeps them together, making it easier for the body to absorb. It’s easy to cook and adds variety to your Christmas menu.

So, which dish are you serving your family during your Noche Buena? Message us on Facebook and share your thoughts with us!