Super Easy Grandparents’ Day Recipes to Wow Lolo and Lola

So simple even the kids can do it

With Grandparents Day fast approaching, we’re sharing a few easy-to-prepare recipes that you or your kids can #WELLNESSIZE for your family get-together. And because it’s a family event, be sure to #WELLNESSIZE—or make healthier choices for—your meals.

Let your kids help in preparing the dishes for lolo and lola. Try out these recipes recommended by our resident chef:

Vegetable Carbonara
Adding a variety of healthier ingredients to your usual carbonara can help give them the nutrients they need. Go for vegetables that are rich in fiber and Vitamin D which becomes more important as we age.

Buko and Langka Juice
The older a person gets, the more hydrated they should be. This juice-combo is a good hydration alternative for water. Furthermore, coconut is rich in potassium and jackfruit is high in protein, both essential to building new cells to keep muscles healthy.

Watermelon and Seafood Salad
Early aging symptoms include pains in the bones and in the joint. The lycopene found in watermelon is important in supporting bone health, while the nutrients found in seafood helps keep good joint health to relieve inflammation symptoms.

Trying out any of these recipes? We’d like to know what your family thought of it. Please share your Grandparents Day stories on our Facebook page.