Starting Right: Your Marriage Mission-Vision

Set your marriage on the right track for success.

As newlyweds, you can begin with the end in mind by coming up with your marriage mission-vision. Here's how.

1. Lay down expected behavior
Marriage involves facing different, often difficult situations. Identify the usual things that couples have to face and agree on how you will handle them. For example, what are your rules for resolving conflicts? How are you going to deal with in-laws, friends, finances and work?

2. Set commitments as a couple
Talk to each other about the things that you are committed to. It could be a commitment to start a business some day, or save enough money for an early retirement. It could also be as simple as spending weekends with each other's parents, or getting involved in community work. What is important is that you both see these as worthy of your time and sacrifice.

3. Define your roles
A fulfilling and smooth marriage is the result of the husband and the wife knowing clearly what their specific responsibilities and duties are. Who will lead the family in specific areas? Who is in charge of house maintenance, grocery shopping, and planning the family's trips? This will keep you on the same page, and accountable to each other at the same time.

4. Establish nutrition, health, and wellness as a goal
Your picture of a great marriage will mean nothing if you are not physically well enough to live it out. Being newlyweds is the perfect time to throw out unhealthy habits, and start better ones. After all, your spouse is the perfect accountability partner to make sure that you are eating healthier, getting enough exercise, and practicing good wellness habits.