Secrets to Dining Out Without Putting on the Pounds

Is eating out sabotaging your wellness goals? These tricks might just help you make smarter choices on your next visit.

Have food prepared your way. There’s no shame in requesting for meal adjustments. Asking for changes on the menu goes a long way. Try having your food grilled versus fried or requesting for a larger serving of the salad and a smaller portion of the meat on your next restaurant visit.

But first, salad.  Salad comes first for a reason. Eating fresh greens before the main course helps manage your hunger and regulate food intake. Be careful with the dressing.  You may order it on the side so you don’t drench your salad with too much.

Hydrate. Eat. Repeat. Adding to its already many wonders, drinking water is also a small step to eating healthier. It gives you enough time to enjoy your food and helps trick your mind into thinking you’re already full.

Wellness clues. Be on the lookout for certain words like creamy, buttery, fried, breaded, crispy, and à la mode. They are most likely the higher caloric choices on the menu. Say yes to grilled, baked, steamed, and fresh instead.

Yes, you can have a #Wellnessized pizza. There’s a way of satisfying your pizza craving.  Start by ordering thin crust, then ask for more vegetable toppings and less cheese.  Remember to enjoy just a slice or two.


Not so fast, fast food. It’s definitely more challenging to eat healthier when ordering fast food. Here’s a tip: go ala carte and avoid the meal combos so that you can satisfy your fast food craving without being forced to finish the whole order. You can also request to hold off the sauces and dressings to lessen the calories.

Steps, as small as these, all lead to wellness. The next time you dine out, make sure to #Wellnessize your meals so that you can enjoy dining out without the guilt.