QUIZ: Which Rainy Day Food Would You and Your Partner Enjoy?

Find out what food to warm up to in this cuddle weather

Beat the rainy day blues by Wellnessizing yourselves and warming up your tummies. To #Wellnessize is to take small steps to wellness, like making sure you’re still making time to prepare healthy food during the rainy season when most of us feel lazy to move.

Take this quiz to find out which healthy food you and your partner can enjoy this season.

Question 1: What kind of meal would you rather have?

  1. Light Meal
  2. Heavy Meal
  3. Just enough

Question 2: What kind of taste are you looking for?

  1. Sweet
  2. Salty
  3. Savory

Question 3: How long can you spend for preparation time?

  1. 15-30 minutes
  2. 30 minutes-1 hour
  3. 1 hour and beyond

Question 4: How many ingredients do you want in your comfort food?

  1. 2-3
  2. 4-5
  3. 6 and above

Question 5: Do you want your comfort food to be…

  1. More like a snack?
  2. An actual viand?
  3. Dessert?

If answers are the following (or close to the following):  light meal, salty, 30 minutes to 1 hour, 4-5, and more like a snack

The Pinoy version of congee is a great go-to comfort food in this weather. Not only is it easy-to-prepare; it is also delicious! Serve with patis and calamansi to give it that extra kick!

If answers are the following (or close to the following):  heavy meal, savory, 1 hour and beyond, 6 and above, an actual viand

The sumptuous aroma and the gingery taste makes this the perfect pick-me-up food for the rainy days. Best enjoyed with a hot cup of rice!

If answers are the following (or close to the following):  just enough, sweet, 15-30 minutes, 2-3, dessert

If you’re looking for the perfect rainy day merienda, you can’t go wrong with this bowl of choco goodness. Adding salty tuyo as topping is optional but recommended.