Myths About Rice

We bust some of the common myths about this Filipino food staple

Myth: Rice is Fattening
Myth Busted: Rice is actually cholesterol free and contains very low fat.

Myth: Rice does not have protein
Myth Busted: Actually, protein is its second biggest component (after carbs). In fact, rice protein is considered superior to those found in other grains.

Myth: Rice has high salt content
Myth Busted: Rice is low in sodium, and is considered safe to eat for those who have high blood pressure and hypertension. 

Myth: Rice contains gluten
Myth Busted: Nope! Rice is gluten-free and is considered non-allergenic compared to other grains.

Myth: Rice is bad for diabetics
Myth Busted: Diabetics should stir clear of white rice. However, brown rice contains low levels of sugar, and is considered safe to eat and full of nutrients.