Low Prep, High Impact Tips For Your Home

Little changes here and there can create a big impact on your living space.

You don't need an expensive renovation for your home to get a fresh look and feel. Try these simple changes for a classier, cozier home.

Clear Up Clutter
As newlyweds in a new home, you've got a good headstart on clutter. Set your alarm clock daily or weekly, and devote at least 15 minutes to one specific area of your house to de-clutter. You'll find it amazing how much breathing space and peace of mind a clutter-free house brings.

Decorate to Inspire
Fill your home with things that make you happy and inspired. Remember that no amount of entertainment or distractions can replace that deep-rooted feeling of joy. So make sure that photos of family, friends, favorite places, and even beautiful quotes are on full display in your home.

Change Your Bedsheets
It is recommended that you change your sheets once or twice a week. Even if your sheets look clean, we forget that we leave things like saliva, dead skin cells, dandruff, and sweat when we sleep. Besides, the smell and feel of fresh sheets can be especially soothing, and they can contribute to a good night's rest.

Try Aromatherapy
After a long day at work, aromatherapy candles and scents can melt stress away with one easy flick of the match. Turn off the lights, put on some relaxing tunes, settle down, and exhale all your troubles away.

Sleep Like Royalty
Wear good quality sleeping gown/pajamas at night. Cotton has a breathable fabric which will improve air circulation, while silk is said to be a good thermo regulator, keeping you warm or cool as needed. Ensure a good fit too, and check if tags, buttons, and snaps are comfy.

Buy Better Bulbs
The glare of incandescent bulbs can be quite harsh. Switch to LED lights which will give you a softer, more relaxing glow. It will not only save you electricity, you'll be surprised at how better everything looks and feels.

Keep Flowers and Plants
Flowers and fresh plants are fantastic for home therapy. This bit of nature can brighten up any room and make it fresher, even if you're living in a high rise condo, or right in the middle of a busy street.