Indoor Activities for Couples during the Rainy Days

Married couples share tips on things you can do inside the house when the rain won’t let you go outside

It’s the weekend and you’ve been looking forward all week long to bond with your partner. Unfortunately, the rain makes it impossible to go out. What activities can you enjoy together at home? 7 married couples run us through the basics.

Preparing rainy day food. Enjoying heartily-made, warm, delicious meals in this weather together is a great bonding moment. Make your experience even better by #Wellnesizing your meals. To #Wellnesize is to take small steps to wellness, such as cooking healthy food for you and your partner.

“We cook together. Usually, we prepare chicken soup or lomi.” – Kevin and Janyn

Kevin and Janyn Espinosa

“We cook food—mostly soup-based—to compliment the weather. Commonly cooked dishes are Nilagang Baboy, Sinigang na Baboy, Tinolang Manok or Law-oy (mixed veggies stew.” – Justin and Ish

“Sarah makes sure she prepares healthy food, while I bond and look after our young daughter in the room.” – Jim and Sarah

Sweating it out. The weather tempts you to stay lazy but these couples try to beat the idleness and move.

“On days when we’re feeling a bit energetic, we clean the entire house.” – Lester and Shirlyn

“If we can’t sleep in the afternoons, we workout to burn what we ate (during lunch).” – Jim and Sarah

Jim and Sarah Adverderada

Cuddling on cuddle weather. Almost all of the married couples we talked to admitted that the rain makes them want to bond in the comfort of their beds.

We snuggle under one thick blanket, sipping hot choco while watching a movie or checking our old photos. Sometimes, we just sleep all day.” – Lester and Shirlyn

Lester and Shirlyn Maquinano

We often just stay in bed and talk.” – Bernard and Cy

Bernard and Cy Jao

Home theater. This almost goes hand in hand with staying in bed.

“We’re okay just watching movies together during rainy days.” – Vince and Shelamie

Vince and Shelamie Niguidula

“After lunch, we usually watch movies until we fall asleep.” – Jim and Sarah

“We watch Disney Junior for Pia (their young daughter) or any animated movie. Then we sleep.” – Justin and Ish

Justin and Ish Descallar

Playing games. To up the tempo in this season where everything seems to go too slow.

“Board games or video games!” – Lester and Shirlyn

“We both play Clash Royal Battles together.” – Eurick and Joyce

Eurick and Joyce Rodriguez

Never look at the rainy weather as an obstacle that prohibits you and your partner to bond. It’s an opportunity to explore more ways to enjoy each other’s company even if you’re just within the comforts of your own home.