How to Keep your Salads Fresh for a Week!

One-time preparation for a week’s worth of salad consumption

You can take better care of yourself and #Wellnessize your lifestyle by adding fresh greens to your daily meals.  Too much work you say? Learn how a one-time prep-time can help keep your salads fresh for a week:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients
Rinse the ingredients you wish to use for your salad in cool running water. Scrub or peel the dirt off from other ingredients (e.g. carrots, cucumbers) before slicing them to your desired size. Toss out the parts you do not wish to eat.

Step 2: Dry the ingredients
Use a salad spinner or wipe water off with paper towels. Drying is the most important part in this entire process. The more moisture is stored within the ingredients, the faster they will become soggy. 

Step 3: Mix the salad
Put all the dried ingredients in a large bowl and mix together. Sprinkle a pinch or two of salt to help absorb the moisture. Do not include fruits and vegetables which contain high water content such as tomatoes, apples and oranges as they can still cause the vegetable to wilt despite the precautions. Avoid putting hard boiled eggs in the mix as they spoil fast and may affect the entire bowl.

Step 4: Layer container with paper towels
Lay some of your salad at the bottom of your container and cover with paper towel. Add another layer of salad on top and place paper towel over that. Repeat alternating layers for four to five sets. Cover the entire container with paper towels. Seal with a tight cover or with plastic wrap.

Step 5: Prepare and store dressing separately
Use the dressing only when you’re ready to serve the salad. Adding it to the salad adds too much moisture in the mix and will make the vegetables wilt and sog faster.

Step 6: Be mindful of how long the salad can last
The aforementioned steps can only help keep the salad fresh for a few days or until one ingredient starts to spoil. Consistently monitor the crispness of the leaves and the freshness of the other ingredients of your home-made salad.

Remember to store the container inside the fridge the entire week. Take out only the portion that you need in a day and you’re good to go. Enjoy!