NUTRITION FACTS: School-aged Kids

Healthy Treats Need Not Be Spooky for the Kids

Get your pitchforks ready!

There’s no better time to get creative with your recipes than on Halloween.

To #WELLNESSIZE Halloween goodies takes a lot of imagination, much like preparing for Halloween itself. You can #WELLNESSIZE by taking small steps to wellness like using healthier ingredients for your recipes. This could get challenging but good thing our resident chef is here to help.

Chef Tess whipped up a couple of Halloween-inspired recipes you can try out this year. You can even let your little angels help you #WELLNESSIZE these goodies!

Fruity Cupcakes
For a fun occasion like Halloween, you’ll be needing colorful treats. Use fruits to add fiber, enrich the flavor, and bring more color to your cupcakes.

Crispy Choco Mallow Balls
Chocolates are rich in cocoa, which is a source of antioxidants. Antioxidants may help improve your kids’ brain health. So if you need more dark-coated goodies to fit your spooky theme, try these for finger food! Just remember to eat in moderation and practice portion control.

Milky Pudding with Red Bean
The red beans are already a great source of protein, but adding milk helps improve its protein content even more. These bite-sized snacks do not only look good; they are good!

How do you #WELLNESSIZE your Halloween recipes? Share your Halloween kitchen secrets on our Facebook page!