Healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes to serve for get-togethers with friends

Experiment with a tasty and healthy Christmas menu when friends are over

Christmas is the perfect time to re-connect with friends and reminisce about the good old days over good food. You can #WELLNESSIZE and take a small step towards wellness by including health-friendly dishes in your Christmasget-togethers!

Try these merry Christmas recipes and celebrate a ho-ho-holiday with your friends!

Shrimp Scampi on Toast
If you want to keep everyone’s energy up while waiting for your other friends to arrive, serve this delicious protein-rich appetizer before your main course.

Mock Caesar Salad
Still need more time to prepare the main course? Your friends will sure enjoy this light and fiber-filled salad before while you prepare your star meal in the kitchen.

Tuna Spaghetti
With tons of dishes during your Christmas get-together, it’s good to have one that’s filled with Omega-3 and heart-healthy—like this one!

Trying out some of these recipes? Let us know how your family rated the dish by sending us a message on Facebook! Happy Holidays!