Get Your Husband To Eat Healthy

Small steps to get your husband on track towards becoming a healthier eater.

Forget nagging, guilt-trips and threats. Try these simple suggestions on how to encourage your husband to join you in your healthy eating adventure.

Study His Current Eating Habits
The best way to start your husband on a healthier eating path is to know how your husband eats now. Look at the staples of his diet that are not too healthy. Watch out for times or situations when he is more likely to binge or crave for junk food.

Introduce Small Changes
Once you know his eating habits and tendencies, make small changes that he will hardly notice. For example, you can try to incorporate more vegetables in your meals. Put more vegetables in your pasta dishes. Add an extra lettuce or tomatoes in your burgers. Mix some brown rice into your white rice. Serve fruit shakes for snacks. This way, he can gradually get accustomed to a healthier lifestyle, without shocking his entire system.

Get Him Involved
It's also crucial for your husband to buy in to your healthy lifestyle. Involve him in the decision making process. Ask him what kind of fruits or vegetables he prefers. By asking these kinds of questions, you might discover that your husband actually has healthy food leanings. Build on this knowledge and use his preferences as ingredients or components of your meals whenever you can.

Know That Variety is the Spice of Life
A healthy diet need not be boring. All you need is a little creativity and planning. For example, you can have themed meals and dinners every so often. Try Wellnessizing by taking small, easy steps to wellness. The key is to make sure the meals are executed as nutritious versions of the original. To Wellnessize your favorite Pinoy Pork Menudo, you can replace your pork with fish. Fish is a great way to Wellnessize because it’s a good source of protein with less fat than pork.

Be Strict With Cheat Days
Plan for cheat days to celebrate your week of pure healthy eating. Make it a celebratory occasion that you both can look forward to. But make sure that you don't have cheat days every day. You can easily lose the gains of your healthy meals if you give in to even a small snack that packs in tons of calories. Be accountable to each other and encourage each other.