Fun Family Activities that Boost Wellness

Improve your kids’ physical, mental, and emotional health this summer

The desire to #WELLNESSIZE, or to take small steps to positively develop our children’s wellness, should not be limited to preparing nutritious dishes for them. While nutritious food is crucial in keeping them healthy, parents should also help advance their overall wellness.

You have more time to do just that this summer! Here are a few bonding activities that you might want to do with your family:


By introducing your kids to gardening, you don’t only teach them how to plant; You are teaching them how to be responsible in taking care of the seeds so they bloom. You engage the senses of your young ones as they feel the dirt, smell the flowers, and see the various colors of the plants. Most importantly, this will help establish their appreciation for nature.


Now that school is over for a couple of months, you may encourage your kids to read leisurely. This can spark their love for learning which will make it easier for their studies. Reading also helps expand their vocabulary, imagination, and language skills.


Swimming is a good form of exercise as it actively engages all of the muscle groups. This helps develop their strength and coordination, not to mention boost their confidence.  


Whether old or young, we all need time away from the city to reconnect with nature. Breathe in fresh air and give your skin some of those natural Vitamin D from the early morning sunshine when out camping. Take this opportunity to teach your kids a few survival skills as well.

Have fun with your family this summer and don't forget to #WELLNESSIZE.