Fun Family Activities in the Kitchen

Are the kids staying home? Here are some ideas for quality time with them!


When your kids are spending a lot of time at home, it’s a great opportunity for the family to bond. Food is a foolproof way to bring people closer. Try these tips to get your kids more involved in the kitchen with you!


1. Plan meals together

Meal planning can be quality time well spent with your children. This will show them the importance of eating a balanced diet with whole grains, milk, fruits, and vegetables, for example. But not only that, it can also spark their interest in food and encourage them to help you prepare healthier meals for the family.

Let your kids pick breakfast recipes for your menu plan for the week or ask them what snacks they’d like to prepare. Choose simple and easy recipes, then jot these down on separate pieces of paper. Shuffle the papers in a mason jar and let kids pick recipes from the jar. For your teens, ask them to choose which night of the week that they’d like to make dinner.

2. Bond over cooking

Kids are more likely to eat healthy meals when they’ve had a hand in preparing it. Give them their own aprons and let them help you regularly with small tasks in the kitchen. Washing, grating, measuring, or mixing are all fun activities. Sharing time at the kitchen while making healthy food is a great way to build memories together.

Apart from simply learning about food, cooking is an opportunity to teach kids important life skills. You can talk about proper nutrition while preparing the meal. Or talk about basic mathematics when measuring ingredients or halving recipes. While washing hands, cleaning the table or separating raw food with cooked food teaches them hygiene and food safety. You can also give recipes they can look through to develop their reading skills.

3. Let them be creative

Cooking is a great way for kids to use their imagination. You could let them pick new or unusual recipes, garnish their meals, or choose their own toppings. There might be a learning curve for this, but your kids will still have figured out something new about how food works, or what tastes good and what doesn’t.

Mom and Kid Bonding Recipes:

  1. Fruity Cupcakes
  2. Bear Brand Pastillas
  3. Taco Salad
  4. Turon Espesyal