Fail-proof ways to prepare for the holidays

Much-needed preps to make it a merrier Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Getting a head-start on your holiday to-do list this early keeps you from cramming or being caught up in all the Yuletide rush. #WELLNESSIZE this holiday season by planning ahead. Take small steps toward holistic wellness, to have enough energy for all the holiday activities you need to attend to.

We’ve rounded up five fail-proof tips on how to make sure you’re ready for Christmas:

  1. Save for the holidays
    Think of your overall budget well in advance. You need to consider the amount you will be needing if you’re planning to host a party, give gifts to people, prepare food for Noche Buena, or go on a family vacation.
  2. Set up the decorations
    Get that Christmas spirit going early on. Set up the Christmas tree, get those lights up and let the Christmas carols fill your home.
  3. Plot out the calendar
    The holidays is a hectic season for every family member. That’s why it’s best to book the schedule for family affairs as early as possible to help everybody adjust accordingly.
  4. Menu and food-prep planning
    Food is always present in any Christmas celebration. You need to consider how much preparation time and how many extra pairs of hands you need to get everything ready in time. Remember to #WELLNESSIZE your recipes to make it a healthier family gathering.
  5. Pick out the gifts
    It’s not easy picking out gifts for your loved ones. You have to make sure no one else is getting the same present for the same person. Allot enough time to gift-hunt and gift-wrap.

Better start on these preparations soon because before you know it, Christmas is here. What other activities do you usually prepare for? Share it with us on Facebook!