Easy DIY Costume Ideas for Kids

Fun and quirky looks that would help your kids dress the part this Halloween

Coming up with your kids' Halloween costume can be quite a challenge. You always want it to be creatively done, especially because Halloween pictures are among the best set of photos you will ever have in your family album.

You don't always have to rack your brains out thinking of the most unique costume every year. Sometimes, the obvious choices are the best choices. You simply have to add your own twist to it to make them your own.


Here are some quick and easy-to-do costume ideas that you may want do for your kids this year:

1. No-Sew Ghost Costume

No trick-or-treat is ever complete without anyone dressed as an adorable ghost. Let your kid be the most BOO-tiful ghost in your neighborhood this Halloween.

How to do it:

Measure your kid's size. Purchase white fleece according to your kid's measurements, three 8.5 x 11 sheets of stiff black felt for the face, fabric glue to stick the face on the cloth, and sharp sewing scissors.

Fold the fleece in half and measure it against your kid. Make sure your kid do not trip on the costume so it's safe to mark right before the ankle. Measure the wingspan. Draw half of an oval into the fabric using a pencil before cutting. Cut a circle in the middle of the fleece for your kid's head to go through.

For the fringes, cut out strips around the side of the fleece. No need for the strips to be of the same length. Tie each individual strip into a knot.

Using the black felt, draw the faces you want to put in the costume. Be sure to measure it against the white cloth to make sure it fits just fine. Glue it one the fleece once satisfied with the face you created.

This ghost costume would go perfectly with a pumpkin-shaped basket (the bag where the treats go).

2. Superhero Costume

Make your children's superhero dreams come true! Help their super powers come out with their very own, personalized costumes.

How to do it:

Let your kid decide on the color of the cape. Let the cape fall only about an inch below your child's knees. Creatively cut out the first letter of your kid's name and stick it on the cape. Make an effort to make the design related to your kid's super power.

As for clothes, go a plain-colored top and tights. Let your kids decide on the colors. It's part of the fun. 

3. Classic Fairy Costume

What's a Halloween party without a fairy? Let her give delight to every house she visits with just a swish of her wand and a bit of gold dust.

How to do it:

Find a simple tutu in your little girl's size. Cut around 2 yards of ribbon and loop it around the center of tutu's garter so that it becomes a bow around her neck. This will transform the tutu into a simple halter-top dress.

Find a belt that compliments the color of the tutu and wear it around her waist. Buy her wings and a flower crown to complete the look! Wands and gold glitters for added effect.

4. Classic Witch Costume

Of course, if there's a fairy, there's a witch. It's always wonderful seeing a little villain among the cuties knocking on your door, asking for sweets.

How to do it:

This is probably one of the easiest costumes to create. Make her wear black tights and leotards, or a black dress. Find a black or gray tutu skirt. Cut it so it does not fall too far below her knees. Find black or white knee-length socks. Black shoes  (the pointier the better).

The witch hat is easy enough to find in costume shops but with all the running, you have to help her keep it in tact. It's best to sew black laces on both sides of the hat. Tie the laces into a ribbon below her chin.

For the broom, find a stick that's approximately 2 feet shorter than her. Find twigs. Bundle them together around the stick. Secure using yarns. Be sure to clean up the stick and the twigs before letting her use it.

5. “It's Raining Cats and Dogs” Costume

Image Source: Parenting

This witty take on the popular idiom would definitely crack up the families your little one visits.

How to do it:

Cut out shapes of cats and dogs from black poster paper. Stick some of the cut-outs on a clear, child-size umbrella. You may attach the rest as drips using gray thread. Complete the look with your child's own raincoat and boots.

Do not be surprised when your kids go home with a bag full of sweets after trick-or-treating in these adorable costumes. But just because it's Halloween, doesn't mean you no longer have to #Wellnessize your lifestyle. To #Wellnessize is to take small steps to wellness such as making sure your kids' intake are always balanced.

Therefore, while they do need the sugar for their daily energy needs, let them eat sweets in moderation. Show them the up-side to this arrangement: the less they eat each day, the longer their supplies of sweets will last! It's a win-win!