Cooking to Manage Your Weight

With a little creativity, cut down on fat and calories by making your own delicious, healthy dishes.

Your biggest tool for weight loss is in your kitchen — preparing your own meals and snacks lets you stay in control of the food you eat to help you manage your weight.

Find Alternatives
Instead of refined carbs, try whole grains and fruits. Choose low-fat versions of ingredients and products instead of the full-fat versions.

Mind Your Portions
The key to losing weight is to make it an overall lifestyle change. You shouldn't drastically eliminate certain food groups such as sugars, and fats from your diet. The best way is to eat them in moderation.

Plan Ahead
Feeling deprived is magnified when you find yourself starving. Be one step ahead of this by having a meal and snack plan. Every two hours, eat a nutrient-dense snack so you won't give in to sweets, salty, and fatty food when it presents itself.

Look Forward To Cheat Days
Decide on a day of the week when you will say yes to a favorite food that might not be so healthy. A little bit of indulgence will decrease the intensity of your cravings.

Off-set Cheat Meal
Eat more fiber and less of fat and sugars to help off-set cheat meal. Engage in longer exercise routine to burn off extra calories.

Cooking For Weight Management

Choose Ingredients Well
There are several alternative ingredients that can lessen the fat content of your favorite recipes. Choose whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereals, and brown rice. Herbs, spices, and citrus can add life to meat. Lean meats are better alternatives than their fattier counterparts.

Try Healthier Cooking Methods
Frying is the main culprit that results in fatty, high-calorie food. Try baking your poultry, seafood, meat and vegetables instead. Grilling is another way to keep your food healthy Just marinade and baste well to lock in flavor, and watch as the excess fat drip away when you grill. Steaming, on the other hand, keeps your food's natural color, taste, and more importantly, maintains the nutrients of your food.