Christmas gifts to warm your mom’s heart

Three moms share the best gifts they got from their children on Christmas

Most of the time, it’s the moms who worry too much about how to #WELLNESSIZE everybody’s Christmas experience, but these gift-giving stories prove that it’s the children who help #WELLNESSIZE their mom’s Christmas. To #WELLNESSIZE involves taking tiny steps to ensure the journey to improving holistic wellness goes smoothly. This includes making sure the emotional well-being of the family is just as well taken care of as the physical.

Three moms share their stories about how the core values of gift-giving—generosity and love—are not lost in their children. Here are the types of gifts you can probably give your moms.

Functional Gifts
Mommy Regina Selga is a hands-on mom to her daughters Denise and Debbie, and a hardworking woman of their humble household. The girls gave Mommy Regina a wasing machine to make her laundry tasks easier. She didn’t mind still washing their clothes by hand, but knowing the amount of effort her daughters exerted to buy her this gift touched her heart.

Sentimental Gifts
As a mom to two high school kids, Mommy Rowena Kimpo does not expect any extravagant gifts from her daughters on Christmas. But Felisa and Julianne really made it a point to set aside portions of their baon to save up for their parents’ gifts. Last Christmas, the girls gave Mommy Rowena a bracelet. She values the gift and her daughters’ love so much that she only wears this during special ocassions.

Timeless Gifts
For Mommy Annette Gan, the most memorable gift she ever received from her son, Julian, was the one that gave her the most nostalgic feeling—a simple hug and “I love you, ma.” Having a son meant she didn’t get too many emotional conversations with him so when they do, she cherishes them for life. You can never go wrong with this!

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