8 Ways to Increase Productivity at Home and at Work

Small steps = Big results!

1. Create your to-do list and schedule the night before. Knowing what to expect will give you peace of mind, and more patience and time to deal with any surprises or setbacks that each day brings.

2. Have time for yourself. Carve out time in the morning before your family wakes up to do what you like. Sneak in some exercise, read, or just breathe—anything that will keep you sane and calm for the day ahead.

3. Follow a morning routine. Do the same things in the same order and you’ll eventually do those things subconsciously, saving your brain cells to do the harder stuff on your to do list.

4. Do major tasks in the morning. Your energy levels are at its peak in the morning, so spend it on the hardest and most important tasks. No checking of emails or social media just yet!

5. Adopt the Pomodoro technique for each task. Focus on one task for 25 minutes; then take a short break once your time’s up. After four pomodoros, go for a longer break to decompress.

6. Drink coffee to perk you up. Drinking your cup of coffee is done best at around 10 in the morning to get you buzzed for your major tasks, and before 3 in the afternoon, when your energy is about to go down.

7. Schedule an hour to read and respond to all emails and messages. Constant email and text notifications may be distracting you from what you’re currently doing, forcing you to multitask. Focusing on the task at hand, rather than multitasking, will make you finish faster and better. Rather than checking each message as it comes in, block out an hour where you respond to everything in one go.

8. List down three things that you’re grateful for. Before going to sleep, write down three things that you’d like to say “thank you” for. Expressing gratitude attracts more things to be grateful about, which making you happier—and happiness makes people strive for success!