8 Family Bonding Activites Your Dad or Husband Will Love

So simple that you can do these right now, or even daily.

1. Go on a road trip. Whether you drive for 10 minutes to a drive-thru or 3 hours to go diving, let your man choose where he wants to go. He’ll love the feeling of being in control!

2. Shoot some hoops. Whatever his game of choice may be—basketball, football, tennis—your whole family’s got to get their game on. Plus, playing sports makes everyone healthier. Score!

3. Watch movies and TV shows and chill. Bust out the snacks and drinks, and give him all the rights to the remote and DVD player for the day.

4. Cook something. Making something in the kitchen turns a chore into an event when you get the whole family involved. Make it more interesting by turning it into game: adults versus kids.

5. Go on a food tour. Who doesn’t love a food trip? Walk around your neighborhood and try out the different restos or food stands in your area.

6. Take a hike and get unplugged. If you’re lucky to be near a park or anywhere with greenery, just take a walk. It will get everyone’s heart rate up, and it’s good for everyone’s health to be gadget-free for even a little while.

7. Create art. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece; what matters is that it was a group effort. Break out the art materials and make a big family painting. Remember to post it in your home when it’s done!

8. Have a game night. Put the gadgets down, bring out the board games, and have a couple of friendly matches.