7 Ways to Sneak in a Date with your Partner While Burning Calories

Gearing up for a fitter ever after but can’t seem to find the time? Then #Wellnessize with your special someone by combining your dates with fitness activities.

#1: Take A Hike
It’s easy, inexpensive and fun. Hiking lets you burn off calories while working out your body and legs. Aside from these benefits, that little getaway will get you close to nature and get you closer to your partner too.

#2: Cycle Around Town
Remember that time you went biking around town with friends? Then bring the good old days back and bike with your partner. Cycling can strengthen your legs and can keep your heart healthy. It will also get you and your partner to explore more of your surroundings.

#3: Play A Sport
Sometimes, a little competition can revive the spark between the two of you. So head out and play together. Try Tennis, Badminton, or even Table Tennis. These will surely workout your whole body and get your heart pumping.

#4: Row Your Boat
Get your feet wet and try rowing classes together. It can give you a full body workout and help build endurance, agility, and flexibility. Plus, being out in the sun would give you and your partner a healthy dose of Vitamin A!

#5: Dance It Off
Let loose and let your bodies do the talking. Zumba, jive, or salsa classes will not only burn calories, it will also keep the fire between you and your partner burning.

#6: Walk the Dog
What better way to spend quality time with your special someone than walking the dog together. This will help you unwind and de-stress while burning some calories. Not only is this good for your dog, it’s good for the both of you too.

#7: HIIT the Park
Wonder why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is such a hit? Because you can do it almost everywhere. So grab your partner, hit the park, go near a park bench and use it as leverage for your push-ups, sit-ups, box jumps, and other exercises. This way, you can also soak up the sun as you sweat.