6 Creamy Ways to Make Your Dishes More Special

Mealtime can be better with this one ingredient!

Delightfully yummy and surprisingly versatile (they don’t call it all purpose for nothing!), cream is an absolute must-have in every foodie, aspiring chef and homemaker’s kitchen.

Find out how you can use it to wow your family with the most delectable dishes and desserts.

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#1: Cook it.
Hear the word ‘cream’ and dessert probably springs to mind. But all-purpose cream is great for enhancing the flavor of dishes both savory and sweet, whether hot or cold. From soups to pastas, appetizers to mains, you’ll be surprised at what this unassuming ingredient can do. Get inspired by the recipes at createwithcream.ph and our featured recipes for the month of March.

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#2: Whip it.
Here’s where things get even more interesting. NESTLÉ All-Purpose Cream’s consistency makes it easy to pour at room temp, but when chilled, it can also be whipped into fluffy peaks of perfection. Pipe it out to top off desserts, pancakes or even the kids’ cup of cocoa or hubby’s coffee.

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#3: Shake it.
Make your next fruit shake or smoothie extra yummy by adding cream to the mix. Blend with your family’s favorite fruits, syrup, milk and crushed ice.

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#4: Freeze it.
If all the uses above haven’t made you fall in love with cream yet, this next one will seal the deal. You can use NESTLÉ All-Purpose Cream to make home-made ice cream. How literally cool is that?  Combine cream, sugar, and milk in a saucepan over low heat until it appears foamy, then, transfer the mixture into a container where you can add your favorite fruits and flavors.  Stir and chill overnight. Watch the kids scoop away to their heart’s content!

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#5: Sour it.
Need sour cream for your dishes?  You can turn all-purpose cream into sour cream. Just mix 1 tbsp. of vinegar for every pack of NESTLÉ Cream and you’ve got instant sour cream to use for recipes like dressings and dips.  

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#6: #Wellnessize it.
To Wellnessize means taking small steps to wellness. NESTLÉ All-Purpose Cream can help by acting as a lighter substitute to coconut cream.  This can cut out some of the calories without sacrificing the tastiness of your dessert or dish.  Proof that you can have your cake and eat it, too!