5 Ways to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

: Keeping your family well fed and healthy is your top priority, but it sure does eat into your monthly household budget. Here’s how you can save money on grocery shopping, without your family going hungry.

Make an organized, running list. By now, you probably have a running list of products you usually buy, but relying on memory will have you forgetting something or buying something you still have in your kitchen cupboards. After you make your list, look through your cupboards to check if there’s anything you still have and you can cross off your list. Next, group the items according to area—frozen food together, fruits and veggies in the same place, canned goods, etcetera.

Go alone. When grocery shopping is a family affair, it might seem fun, but your kids probably throw in a couple of things in your cart that they just want, but don’t really need. Keep their cravings at bay by keeping them at home, and heading to the supermarket alone. You’ll finish shopping faster, too! If they won’t let you out of the house, promise them that you’ll come back with a treat for them (and choose the most affordable treat that you can find, which will still delight your kids!)

Go to the supermarket twice a month. If heading to the supermarket has become a weekly weekend habit, making it twice a month will save you on gas and parking expenses, or save you on your weekly commute or wasting time and money in traffic. When you also limit your supermarket visits to once every two weeks, it will encourage you to keep your grocery list updated and keep you focused on getting everything you need in one go.

Buy in bulk. The “family size” versions of your usual staples—cereal, instant coffee, milk, all-purpose cream, and the like—are usually cheaper than the smaller packs. Your grocery bill might amount to more when you head to the cashier, but you’ll find yourself going to the supermarket less because you still have your staples in stock.

Stick to what you know. It’s happened to all of us—you get enticed to buy the cheaper alternative to your favorite brand of something, like cereal or milk, and you end up not liking it, so you end up going back to your favorite brand. While there are some things that you can switch up and it’s basically still okay, the quality of food for your family should not be compromised.