5 Things your Kids Can Do with Their Lolo’s and Lola’s

Grandparent-friendly activities your family can enjoy on Grandparents Day.

Grandparents want to be more involved in the development of their grandchildren. They want to play a more active role in helping #WELLNESSIZE the kids’ lives. Your role is to ensure that every family member is involved in this journey to overall wellness, including your parents.

This Grandparents Day, #WELLNESSIZE the family by helping your kids develop and strengthen the bond with their grandparents. Here are a few activities that your parents and your kids might want to do together:

Old Photos
Scour through baby photos, not of your kids, but of you! This will allow your parents to tell the story behind your every picture from their perspective. It should also be fun for kids to learn about their parents from their grandparents.

Bedtime Stories
Reading to children before bedtime may seem a bit old-school but it is still one of the most effective ways to cultivate their love for reading. Have their grandparents do it for them some time and it could be a good bonding experience for them.

Nature Walks
Getting a breath of fresh air is beneficial for everyone. Your parents could use the light cardio exercise while your kids could learn how to connect with nature better.

Home Movies
No, we’re not talking playing your DVDs or putting on Netflix. Make your own home movie by filming a short skit. The grandparents can be the actors. The kids can be on the cameras. You can be the director.

App Explorations
You don’t always have to go old-school with the grandparents. It’s good to introduce them to new tech as well. Perhaps you can ask your kids to teach your parents how to use apps that can be useful for them.

What other grandparent-friendly activities to you do as a family? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.