5 Healthy Back-to-School Baon Ideas Your Kids Will Enjoy

Even other kids would want a taste of these treats

As mothers, the struggle is all too real when it comes to preparing baon for our kids while considering both the nutritional content they need as growing individuals and their taste preference. The good news is that there are now more creative ways to make our children’s baon healthier by #Wellnessizing! To #Wellnessize is to take small steps to wellness, and that includes making sure our kids eat better during recess.

Time to up your snack-time game, moms! Here are 5 #Wellnessized ideas to let your kids win the best baon award:

Your kids need extra energy now that they have longer class hours. This sweet treat could help provide that much needed boost. To prepare, mix oats, honey, vanilla extract and peanut butter in a bowl. Make sure you stir it well. Roll small portions with your palms using water or milk. Place the balls in one container and store in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 

When you run out of unique ideas, you can always rely on the staple baon—the sandwich.  #Wellnessize their sandwiches to include cut up veggies that can add an exciting twist to their usual fare.   Your child’s eyes would surely light up when they see how creative you can be!


A healthy snack is not complete without a healthy drink to go with it. MILO Ready-to-Drink is the ultimate Pabaon for Champions because it contains malt and milk that gives your kids the winning energy that they need.  They would surely love the chocolatey taste, too!

You only need three ingredients for this awesome snack. Apple sliced into thin pieces, cinnamon powder and a touch of sugar. Dab the cinnamon and sugar mix on the apple slices and bake in low heat for at least 45 minutes. Your kids would definitely not want to miss this sweet, crispy, healthy treat!

Chocolate yogurt is not readily available in stores but can easily be prepared. Take out a regular Greek yogurt from its container; mix it with cocoa syrup or powder; refrigerate overnight; then, pack as your kids’ baon in the morning. It looks and tastes like ice cream which kids love, but with fiber, protein and antioxidants which parents want for their kids.  

Do you have any other #Wellnesized baon ideas? Feel free to share it with us here and get a chance to be featured in our website!