5 Activities to make your family time FUN-tastic

Tips to make family bonding moments more enjoyable

Strengthening your family relationship is not something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of consistent work to build and maintain a close relationship with every member, which is usually done by spending a lot of time and accomplishing things together.

Take this time as an opportunity to #WELLNESSIZE with your family, too. Here are five fun activities that you can try out together today.

The hours you spend together in the kitchen gives you an opportunity to open hearty conversations with each other. Don’t forget to #WELLNESIZE the meals you prepare together. Taking a small step to wellness can be as easy as using tasty yet nutritious ingredients for your recipes. You may find good ideas here.

Game Day Sunday
You do not necessarily have to leave the confines of your home to have fun. Introduce game days to help fuel the competitive spirit in the family. Keep things interesting by preparing new games each week.

Backyard Camping
Test your family’s outdoor skills. Bring out your sleeping bags, prepare your flashlights, and grill your food on skewers. Enjoy a few minutes stargazing together before finally sleeping in your tents.

Be Crafty
Arts and crafts can help foster your family’s creativity. Think of simple items you need at home and make that your new family project. For example, each family member can recycle used bottles, design them and turn them into flower vases.